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Our solution is fully integrated that and has everything needed with tools designed to be easily managed by even non-technical users. It’s fully functional and running here in the UK with over 100 restaurants using our solution.

  • Digital QR Menu Creation: Create a basic digital menu accessible via QR code.

  • Real-time Menu Updates: Instantly update the menu.

  • Mobile Compatibility: Viewable on all mobile devices. No need to install any app

  • Order prepare time: Customers will know how many minutes it takes for their order to be ready

  • Continuous order: this is useful for the lounge or bar where customers keep ordering drinks, no need to keep scanning each time.

  • Call a waiter: customers can call a waiter on our software by just clicking a button and the waiter will know the table it came from

  • Order Status via WhatsApp: Inform customers about order progress via WhatsApp. Also customers can send their orders to kitchen dedicated WhatsApp number.

  • Reviews: Collect basic feedback from customers. (Ability to approve reviews before it goes live to the public)

  • Accept payment: Customers can order and pay directly from their phones. We also have options to take payment via POS.

  • Allergens: Ability to show full allergens on each food for people that has any food allergies.

  • Advanced Analytics: Insights into customer preferences, peak dining times, etc.

  • Kitchen display solution: This helps customers see their order number on a big screen and can know when their order is ready.

  • Tips: Allow customers to add tips for the staff.
  • Manage Available Stocks: Keep track of inventory and stock. Solves the problem of customers ordering something that’s not available, customers will see the item is out of stock

  • Promotional Features: Highlight special discount offers on menu item to customers

  • Integration with POS Systems: Integrate with existing Point of Sale systems. (Available on Request)

  • Multi-language Support: Offer the menu in multiple languages.

  • Custom Branding: Customize the digital menu’s look and feel. Also you can use your custom domain

  • Loyalty Programs: Integrate loyalty programs and reward systems.

  • Marketing Integrations: Integrate with email marketing platforms.

  • Social Profiles: Link and display restaurant’s social media profiles.

  • Vendor Domain Pointing: Vendors can point their domain to their menu in your project.

  • Staff Management: Add staff to manage orders.

  • Floor plan: you can manage indoors or outdoors area, or VIP area

  • Default tax: ability to add tax automatically instead of taking it separately

  • User Login & Registration: Customers can log in and register within the ordering section. Giving you access to your customers data for more marketing and promotion.

  • Vendor app: we give you a mobile app you can easily use to accept orders on a tab if you don’t want to use big screen in the kitchen

  • Delivery App for drivers: you can process your own in-house deliver still using our solution. Customers can also track the order till it arrives their door!




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